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Irish Roots magazine is dedicated entirely to Irish ancestral research. Irish Roots magazine is published quarterly and a yearly subscription costs just €35 or US$49, CAN$54, AUS$54, UK£35 rest of world €37 including postage (Click on switch currency options to see subscription price in your local currency).

Irish Roots magazine aims to assist its readers to overcome any hurdles so often found in Irish ancestral research and have some fun along the way. Irish Roots magazine includes lots of useful, practical and informative articles, tips and tools on how to start digging your family tree! Irish Roots magazine is a powerful resource and must have tool for anyone endeavoring to trace their elusive Irish ancestors, from the budding family history enthusiast to the more seasoned genealogist, you will find a wealth of really helpful information in each issue. Celebrate your Irish ancestry with Irish Roots magazine and subscribe today! Price includes postage worldwide!

Please Note : This is an annual subscription. You will be charged annually for this subscription and you will receive four copies of the magazine per year. It is published quarterly. You can cancel the subscription at anytime if you don't wish to continue with the yearly subscription charge.

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